16 junio, 2011

Sobre la belleza

1. "What is the felt experience of cognition at the moment one stands in presence of a beautiful boy or flower or bird? It seems to incite, even to require, the act of replication. Wittgenstsein says that when the eye sees something beautiful, the hand wants to draw it. Beauty brings copies of itself into being. It makes us draw it, take photographs of it, or describe it to other people. Sometimes it gives rise to exact replication and other times to resemblances and still other times to things whose connection to the original site of inspiration is unrecognizable".

2. "The fact that something is perceived as beautiful is bound up with an urge to protect it, or act on its behalf, in a way that appears to be tied up with the perception of lifelikeness. This obervation first emerged in connection with objects that themselves have no bodily sentience, such as painted canvas, but that seem to acquire it, or a mimetic form of it, at the very moment of our regarding them as beautiful".

Extractos de On Beauty And Being Just de Elaine Scarry.